Letters to the Rev Ezra Stiles Ely

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STILES ELY, A. M. LETTER I. YOUR " Contrast between Calvinism and Hopkinsianism" having been politely presented to me, by you, through my valued friend Mr. H?. of this town, gratitude and the usual forms of civility require from me a suitable acknowledgment. How far the following letters, thus publickly addressed to you, are a becoming acknowledgment, remains for you and for the publick to decide. That your book is well intended, industriously compiled, curiously arranged, and contains a variety of judicious and interesting observations and criticisms, I can feel no hesitancy in openly acknowledging. But should I withhold further encomiums, it will, no doubt, be amply gratifying to you, to reflect, that your " Contrast" eulogized by names numerous, dignified and venerable, needs no support from my feeble pen and obscure name. Upon first looking into your book, I was not a little surprized, to discover such a number of "Isms," industriously collected, and singularly arranged; for happening to open towards the latter part of it, I beheld exhibited in as regular columns, as regiments drawn up for a review, no fewer than eight of them. Upon the right flank stood Calvinism duly uniformed, and on the left Deism in full dress, proceeding from right to left along the line. I perceived in formidable array stood Hopkinsianism, Universalism, Arminian- ism, Arianism, Sabellianism and Socinianism. Turning next to the forepart of your book, four other columns appeared. At the head of the first stood the venerable Calvin himself. The second was formed by his allies or disciples ; such as Witsius, Beza, Sec. and supported by multiplied references to numerous creeds, confessions and catechisms. The third was headed by Hopkins, seated in " divinity chair," as leader of ... --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

Letters to the Rev Ezra Stiles Ely
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