Life And Adventures of Santa Claus

Cover of book Life And Adventures of Santa Claus
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This charming children’s book was written by an American author Lyman Frank Baum, a famous storyteller who presented The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to millions of young readers all over the world. Here yo


u’ll find wonderful tales of Santa Clause – they tell where he is from, how he created his first toy, about a great struggle of Good and Evil, his first journey with forest deer. The readers will learn how the tradition of Christmas tree or hanging socks at the fireside appeared. Children will love to know how Santa grew up, or was brought up by a nymph and other forest dwellers, how he found friends among the children from the neighborhood, or the evil powers which wanted to stop him, and how he became undying saint Clause, beloved by the children all over the world.

Life And Adventures of Santa Claus
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