Life in Ancient Egypt

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This book written by Arnold Erman will surely attract the attention of those who is interested in the history of the ancient Egypt. The book covers not only the large layer of the people - from the co


untry's poverty to the richest persons and even to the Pharaohs. Moreover it involves the main customs, traditions, holidays, realities of everyday life. The book includes different spheres of public life - justice, religion, agriculture. It is simply-written and it is just a fun to read. The work contains the list of words - the native Egyptian words with the same spelling as that time, sometimes with later additions of spelling or writing. Overall the author tried to cover the story of the nation, the history and some interesting moments of building tombs and pyramids. He introduced peculiarities of burial of the important personalities - the Pharaohs or noble vassals. But he didn't stop at these moments - he described slavers' life in details. The book can also be a archeology manual for amateurs. It was written in the nineteen century and rouse no censure from venerable archeologists.

Life in Ancient Egypt
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