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War of 1812?Canadian feeling with regard to it?Intolerance of the Family Compact?Roger Conant arrested and fined?March of defenders to York?Roger Conant hides his specie?A song about the war?Indian robbers foiled?The siege of Detroit?American prisoners sent to Quebec?Feeding them on the way?Attempt on the life of Colonel Scott of the U. S. army?Funeral of Brock? American forces appear off York?Blowing up of the fort? Burning of the Don bridge?Peace at last. IN twenty years from the time Governor Simcoe established his capital at Newark, on the Niagara River, after being sworn in as Governor of western Canada (his incumbency being the real commencement of the settlement of Upper Canada), began the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the United States. Our peaceably disposed and struggling Canadians, trying to subdue the forest and to procure a livelihood, were horrified to have a war on their hands. They could ill afford to leave their small clearings in the forest, where they garnered their small crops, to go and fight. Not one of them, however, for a single moment thought of aiding the United States or of remaining neutral. Canada was their home, and Canada they would defend. From 12,000 in 1792 in Upper Canada, 40,000 were now within itsboundaries, endeavoring to make homes for themselves. We have the fact plainly told that, although at least one-third of all the inhabitants in 1812 were born in the United States, or were descendants of those who were born there, not one of them swerved in his loyalty to Canada, his adopted country. This is saying a very great deal, for it was in no sense Canada's quarrel with the United States. If Great Britain chose to overhaul United States merchantmen for deserting from the Royal navy, it is certain that Canada could...

Life in Canada
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