Lights And Shadows of Life On the Pacific Coast

Cover of book Lights And Shadows of Life On the Pacific Coast
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1910. The entertaining reminiscences of the Honorable Samuel D. Woods, one of the first citizens of California, lawyer and a member of the Congress of the United States. Contents: Voyage to San Franci


sco Around Cape Horn in 1849; The Strenuous Life of Early Days in Stockton; School Days in Los Angeles in 1855; San Francisco from 1849 to the Civil War; The Pastimes, Occupations and Pleasures of the Early Rural Communities of California; Types of Pioneers before the Age of Gold; Sights and Sounds in the Great City; Some Old Newspapers and Their Great Editors; A Group of Great Lawyers; The Pulpit and Pulpit Orators; The Old California Theater and Its Immortals; Some Old Bankers, Merchants and Financiers; A Few Immortal Names of a Great Profession; A Horseback Ride from San Francisco to Seattle; From Village to Metropolis; The Discovery and Evolution of a Poet; Into the Desert; Death Valley, Its Mysteries and Its Secrets; A Summer Jaunt in the High Sierras; Unique Characters of the Desert-Man and Animal; Some Eccentric Lives; Three Heroes-An Indian, A White Man and A Negro; Incidents of Frontier Life; Two Great Sheriffs; and A Transplanted Railroad and the Man Who Transplanted It. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Lights And Shadows of Life On the Pacific Coast
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