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LLANGOLLEN VALE, OTHER POEMS -- . SONNET. DEVA w , h en next my vagrant Reps explore The haunts romantic, where thy filver itreams, On which the gariih Sun but feldom gleams, Fill with their wild and


fancy-foothing roar, LLANGOLL v E e N rd a S n t itraights, and mountains hoar, How hall I dwell enrapturd on the themes, That now th immortal MUSE of Britain deems - Worthy her facred fcroll, unmarkd before The Steeds whofe fetlocks fwarn in blood, the h o i Of GLENDOUcRla, iming Valours brighteft meed, HOELS love-breathing harp, and lays-divine, And the fair WANDER RS from Iernes coafi, I Who, to fond Friendihips gentle power decreed, Rear in thy hallowd Vale the fimple ihrine. LLANGOLLEN VALE, THE RIGHT HONORABLE LADY ELEANOR BUTLER, AND , U X U R I A N T V t h yC o , u ntrys l early boait, - . ,. . What time great GLENDOUgRav e thy fcenes t oF ame Taught the proud numbers of the Englifh Hoit . How vain their vaunted force, when. Freedonis flame Fird him to brave - the Myriads he abhorrd, Wingd his unerring ihaft, and edgd his viaor fword. Here firR thofe orbs unclofing drank the light, t Cambrias bright itars, the meteors of her Foes What dread and dubious omens markd the night, That lourd, ere yet his natal morn arofe The Steeds paternal, on their cavernd floor, Foaming, and horror-itruck, fret fetlock-deep in gore. Omtss. According to the records - of Lewis Owen,, the year 1349 was dif dnguihed by the fim appearance of the PESTILENCinE, W ales, and by the birth of OWEN G LENDOUR H . ollinghed relates the marvellous tale of his Fathers B PLAGU i E n , h er livid hand, oer all the Ifle, b 8 Shook her dark flag, impure with fetid fiains While DEATH o, n his pale Horfe, with baleful hile, Smote with its blaiting hoof the frighted plains. Soon thro the grafs-grown Rreets, in filence led, Slow moves the midnight Cart, heapt with the naked Dead. Yet in the feRal dawn of Richards - f. reign, Thy gallant GLENDOUR f u S n ny prime arofe . Virtuous, the-. gay, in that Circean fane,. L Bright Science twind her circlet round his brows Nor coud the youthfu1, iaih 1uxurious. King l . Diffolve the Herbs worth on his Ic-ariadj w ing. . . . Sudden it drops on its meridian flight -Ah haplefs Richard never didit thou aim To cruih primeval Britons with thy night, And their . brave Gl lefidours tears embalrh thy name. Back from thy viaor-Ri als vaun tingiThrong Y-I J .. Sorrowing, and fiern, he finks. LLANGOLLE k N a d S e s among. Horfes, being found that night in their itables, Randing up to the middle in blood. The Bard, IOLO GOCH m , entions a Comet, which marked thegreat deeds of Glen dour, when he was in the meridian of his glory., See Mr. PENNANT T S OUR. . Ifaiah. t Richard the Second. . . L, .. J - . - i - r c , Soon, in imperioui e n f dsaszz led eyes, ,. L. . The guardian bourids of jufi Dominion melt- C - His fcarce-hopd crown imperfea blifs fupplies, 4 . . - r Till Cambrias vaffalage be. deeply felt. , . V C C 7r 3 Now up her craggy iteeps in long array, 2 4 c. . 11 - Swarm his exulting-Bands, impatient for the fray. . . Lo thro the, gloomy night, with angry blaze C Trails the-fierce Comet, and alarriisY thelStars . - .. . Each waning Okb withdraws itslglancing kYs, -. 1 I . t - Save the-red Planet,. that delight . wars. A, Then, with broad eyes upturn d and-itarting liair, , . Gaze the aitonilhd Crowd upon its-vengkful Gleams the wan Morn, and thro. LLANGOLLENSV I L Sees the proud Armies firearning oef her meads. P Her frighted Echos warning founds qaffail,. C Loud, in the rattling cars the neighing Reeds b. 7 - . The doubling drlims, the trumpets piercing breath, - I c -And all the enfigns dread of havoc, wounds, and death Henry the Fourth...

Llangollen Vale With Other Poems
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