Logic Or the Science of Inference

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TEEMS. chapter{Section 4BOOK I. Or TEEMS.?PEOEMIUM. All reasoning is founded upon judgments, and these can only be employed about the mind's conceptions of things, which enunciated in language are called terms. Hence logic, at the outset, concerns itself with the formation of, and verbal expression of, conceptions, so far as these operations concur to the deduction of correct inference. This limit, we conceive, may be as easily drawn as that which marks the boundaries of any other science in the group of those which have language as a subject-matter in common. If it is obvious that grammar has to deal with terms only as they concern correct speaking, and rhetoric only as the employment of them is calculated to excite certain emotions, it is no less obvious that in logic we must restrict ourselves to that view of them which concerns the operations of the mind in correct reasoning, and the part they play in the process. To attain this object two things are manifestly requisite. First, to trace the results of the different processes of thought to- which objects must be subjected, before their relations of agreetnent or disagreement to each other can be adequately ascertained; the second, to examine the process by which notions and signs become the representatives of these objects, with a view to discover how far, and under what sense, the abstractions and names with which they are clothed may be relied upon as a correct designation of the properties which they imply. These two heads cover the entire ground of the Aristotelian and Baconian analysis of terms, and will, if fully developed, exhaust the subject. The first is intended to explain all that relates to conceptions with regard to their form, while the second-will comprise everything which has refer...

Logic Or the Science of Inference
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