Love-Letters Between a Nobleman And His Sister

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1684. A remarkable piece of literature of the late seventeenth century by Aphra Behn, a prolific dramatist of the Restoration and was one of the first English professional female writers. “Love-Letter


s Between a Nobleman and His Sister” became the first epistolary novel involving several characters and common plot. Simultaneously, the first part of the novel can be regarded as debut of Aphra Behn as a prose writer. It was originally published as three separate volumes: Love-Letters Between a Noble-Man and his Sister (1684), Love Letters From a Noble Man to his Sister (1685), and The Amours of Philander and Silvia (1687). At the heart of the story the author put real events: Lady Henrietta Berkley’s escape, legal proceedings against Lord Grey and Monmauth Rebellion. The second part of the, besides presenting the letters in certain order, shows the attitudes of the addressees, and makes some of the messages the subject of intrigue – the theme of double game appears. The third part contains just 9 letters, what makes it almost impossible to refer it to epistolary genre. Advanced by nature, this work combined the characteristic features of “gallant” novel, scandalous chronicles and picaresque novel, and became an outstanding event of the English literature of the late seventeenth century.

Love-Letters Between a Nobleman And His Sister
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