Lying Prophets

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Eden Phillpotts (1862-1960) was an English novelist, poet, and dramatist. He was the author of many novels, plays and poems about Dartmoor. He was for many years the President of the Dartmoor Preserva


tion Association and cared passionately about the conservation of Dartmoor. He also wrote a series of novels each set against the background of a different trade or industry. Although mainly a novelist, he also wrote several plays, the most famous being Yellow Sands. Late in his long writing career he wrote a few books of interest to science fiction readers. Amongst his other works are Lying Prophets (1896), Children of the Mist (1898), The Spinners (1918), The Grey Room (1921), The Red Redmaynes (1922) and The Torch and Other Tales (1929).

Lying Prophets
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