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. a. Streptococcus. 3. Siaphylouxxus. 4. CopsuIateU diplo- coccus- 5. " Biscuit "-shaped coccus. 6. letrads. 7. Sarcin.i form. B. Types of bacilli (1-8 are diagrammatic). 9. Non-septate pinlluin x 1000. 10. Ordinary spirillum?(a) comma-shaped element; (b) formation of spiral by comma-shaiicd elements x 1000. n. Types of spore formation. 12. KLiKellaicl bacteria. 1'. Changes in bacteria''proauced hy plasmolysis (after FiMjhcr). 14. .Bacilli with terminal protoplasm (Kutschli). 15. (a) Bacillus composed of five protoplasmic meshes; (b) protoplasmic network in micrococcu (Biusciili). 16. Itarteria containing metachromatic granules (Ernst, Neisser), 17. Ucggiatoa alba. Hoth filaments contain sulphur granules -one is septate. 18. Thiothrix tenuis (Wino- gradski). 10. Leptothrix innominata (Miller). 20. Cladothrix dichotoma(Xopf). 21. Streptotnrix actinomyces (Bostrom), (a) colony under low power; (A) filament showing true branching; (c) filament containing cnxus-likc bodies; (I) filament wilh club at end. type is of much more frequent occurrence, and contains the more important species. Motility among the first group is often not associated, as far as is known, with the possession of flagella. The cells here apparently move by an undulating or screw-like contraction of the protoplasm. Most of the motile spirilla, however, possess flagella. Of the latter there may be one or two, or a bunch containing as many as twenty, at one or both poles. Division takes place as among the bacilli, and in some species endogenous sporula- tion has been observed. Three terms are used in dividing this group, to which dirferent authors have given different meanings. These terms are spirillum, spirochaeta, vibrio. Migula makes "vibrio" synonymous with " microspira," which he appl...

Manual of Bacteriology
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