Margaret Tudor

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"It is now more than a month since our captivity began, and there seems scant likelihood that it will come to a speedy close, -altho', being in good health myself, and of an age when hope dies slowly,


I despair not of recovering both liberty and friends. Yet, in the event of our further detention, of sickness or any other evil that may befall me-and there is one threatening-I write these pages of true history, praying that they may some time reach the hand of my guardian and uncle, Dr. William Scrivener, if he be still alive and dwelling in these parts. Should they chance, instead, to meet the eyes of some friendly-disposed person of English blood and Protestant faith, to whom the name of William Scrivener is unknown, I beseech him to deliver them to any person sailing with the sloop Three Brothers, which did set out from the Island of Barbadoes on the 2nd of November last, - being in the hire of Sir Thomas Colleton, and bearing freight and passengers for these shores. "

Margaret Tudor
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