Mary Poppins Comes Back

Cover of book Mary Poppins Comes Back
Series: Mary Poppins (#2)
Categories: Fiction » Classic

Mary seemed even stricter in this book than she did in the last one. I'm not sure as to why the Banks children wanted her to stay so badly.

The plot seemed to follow the first book's plot very clo


sely. Mary appearing out of no where and taking over the house quickly with mysterious references to when she will leave again. There's a circus very similar to the zoo in the first one and a story with the crow from the first book that's almost exactly the same. And a scene where they drink tea upside down with one of Mary' relatives (instead of floating near the ceiling with a different relative in the first one). There's some new stuff too but nothing that really stood out to me. I was bored through a lot of this book, honestly.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the new Disney movie interprets this story.
Another whimsical collection of short adventures involving Mary Poppins and the Banks children.

Features short tales from the movie including the chalk drawing and the Merry Go Round and more that were not featured such as the bouncing balloons and the Ark of Spring and the Doulton Bowl.

Read if you enjoy retro children's literature such as Enid Blyton & you're prepared for a much darker side of the Disney classic

Mary Poppins Comes Back
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