Mary Poppins Opens the Door

Cover of book Mary Poppins Opens the Door
Series: Mary Poppins (#3)
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Mary Poppins is back, to the delight of the Banks children, to lead them in more magical and weird adventures - and to govern the nursery with great efficiency and stern glances. We meet another of Ma


ry Poppins’ relations, more vendors of goods with strange properties, hear another alternative version of a fairy story and enjoy midnight escapades that aren’t dreams.

The ending of this book is a final goodbye to the beloved Nannie - maybe P.L. Travers didn’t intend to write more - but of course, she did, although those stories fit into the timescale of the first three books. This 62 year old reader is thankful there’s more to come, because she’s so enjoying becoming reacquainted with these classic children’s books.
This is the third in the series and although Mary Poppins leaves for the last time in this book, the other books in the series contain stories that fit in the time scale of the first 3 books, so in a way this is comforting as Mary's departure needn't feel so final.

We loved this mixture of everyday and magic, we love the family and we so wanted Mary Poppins just for once to admit the magic happened, only if just with a wink. The children's character's are wonderful, ever hopeful and kind. We loved the story of Neleus and his freedom for an hour or two and how the children would consider this statue's feelings and try to read within his sight in the park so he wasn't too bored, this is exactly the sort of thing my children would have wanted to do when they were younger.The cat can look at a king was a lovely story of philosophy, considering happiness and what intelligence really is.

The chapter about the musical boxes is wonderful, the idea everyone has their own piece of music is great, what a nice idea, it has left us trying to work out what ours would be.

A wonderful, magical story. Like Mary Poppins herself, this book gives you no answers, but lots to think about.

Mary Poppins Opens the Door
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