Memoir of the Rev Bernard Whitman

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s a private school in Billerica, Mass. ? His interest while there in the general improvement of all with whom he associated? Goes to Weldeet, Mass- to pursue his professional studies under the direction of the clergyman ? Leavea Welfleet and takes charge of the Academy in Sandwich, Mass- for a few months?His character as a teacher ? Leaves Sandwich and removes to Beverly to pursue and complete his professional studies under the direction of Rev. Abiel Abbott, D. D. ? Testimony in regard to his character and active interest in the best good of all around ? Takes charge of the Academy in Billerica for a few months ? Is approbated to preach ? Preaches in sereral different places, and is finally settled in Waltham, Mass. It was in the autumn of the year 1819, that Mr Whitman received an honorable dismission from the University, and gave up the long cherished hope of a collegiate education. He was now compelled to seek for some employment, which would furnish the means of support and at the same time afford him an opportunity to pursue his studies and prepare for the profession of his choice. The business of teaching seemed best to comport with his desires. He went to Billerica, Mass., where an older brother, the Rev. N. Whitman, was then sestled in the ministry, and opened a private school. As a teacher he was successful and popular. He was not one, who regarded the teacher's task as consisting simply in watching his pupils to see that they were faithful in their prescribed lessons and correct in their conduct during the hours of school. He looked upon all committed to his charge as beings who might enjoy pure and refined happiness in the exercise of the mind and heart if these should be rightly cultivated and improved. Consequently, it was the great object o...

Memoir of the Rev Bernard Whitman
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