Memoirs of the Life And Writings of George Buchanan

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ng the following year, 1529, he was a candidate for the office of procurator of the German nation; but his blind compatriot Robert Wauchope, who was afterwards titular archbishop of Armagh, and who sat in the council of Trent,' was then elected for the ninth time. Buchanan was thus repulsed on the fifth of May, but on the third of June he was more successful." The university of Paris being frequented by students from various countries, they were distributed into four classes or nations. What Chalmers's Life of Ruddiman, p. 313L 'Paolo, Istoria del Concilio Tridentino, lib. ii. Londra, 1619, fol?- Dr Cosin, bishop of Durham, describes him as " blind Sir Robert the Scot; of whom it was then commonly said, that as poreblind as he was, yet had he the commendation to ride post the best in the world." (Scholastical Hist. ofthe Canon of the Holy Scripture, p. 213, 2d edit. Lond. 1672, 4to.) See Miraus De Scriptoribus Ecckswsticis, p. 266, edit . Fabricii, and George Con, or Conaeus, De Duflici Siatu Keligionu apud Scotot, p. 112. Romae, 1628, 4to. " Georgius Buchananus Scotus," says BuUeus, " nationis Germanic procurator electus anno 1533." (Hist. Univcrtltatis Parisiensis, torn. v, p. 935.) This date is most probably erroneous; for Buchanan was then tutor to the earl of Cassillis. Mr Chalmers quotes the authority of the register of the Scotish College, which the late Principal Gordon had inspected at his request. A man who had only to ascertain the chronology of a single academic, was less obnoxious to negligence or inadvertency, than he who had to ascertain that of five hundred. Bulaeus has exhibited many dates which are manifestly inaccurate; but his work consists of six volumes in folio. Mr Innes, who was a member of the university of Paris, varies from bo...

Memoirs of the Life And Writings of George Buchanan
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