Memoirs of the Rebellion On the Border 1863

Cover of book Memoirs of the Rebellion On the Border 1863
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By Wiley Britton, Late Sixth Kansas Cavalry. He author chronicled the events, during the year 1863, thereby providing the first-hand account of the rebellion, described here, his personal observations


and impressions, a panoramic view of military operations. This volume appears a unique source of information about the events on the borders of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and the Indian Territory during 1863. Britton says: I noted not only the movements of the army with which I was connected, and the battles and minor engagements which it fought, but I also turned aside now and then to note a good many other things; as, for instance, the thoughts and feelings of the soldiers on various subjects, as reflected in their conversations around their camp fires and on the march. I have also given short descriptions of the country we marched over and around our camps; the pro and con opinions of officers and soldiers in regard to the policy of the Government, in emancipating the slaves and of enlisting the freedmen into the army.

Memoirs of the Rebellion On the Border 1863
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