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The author of Middlemarch George Eliot (the pen name of Mary Ann Evans) is considered one of the best British novelists and writers of the 19th century. Middlemarch shows readers the life of a small t


own Middlemarch situated in Midlands. The main character of the book is very smart and strong-willed Dorothea Brooke whose prototype was the author Mary Ann Evans herself. She is very different from other people in her surrounding being more idealistic and wishing to be happy. Dorothea marries a man whom she first took for her soulmate but then she realized what a bog mistake she had made. At the same time another very positive character doctor Tertius Lydgate who is similar to Dorothea being equally idealistic and intelligent, enters a disastrous marriage that almost ruins his whole life. But the characters do not give up and struggle for their happiness at the same time trying to remain as strong and moral as they had been before. Eliot does a fantastic job when creating characters for the novel. Here we meet a number of vivid and bright people who belong to different social classes and have different goals in life. Characters are so similar to real people that we can even recognize our friends and even ourselves in the novel. The story is highly psychological with wonderful descriptions of landscapes and the life in a small provincial town.

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