Modern Nirvanaism Or the Philosophy of Life And Death

Cover of book Modern Nirvanaism Or the Philosophy of Life And Death
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rder to meet the needs of both the popular reader, who wants mainly an illustration of the leading arguments and conclusions in a shape that appeals to his understanding, and also the scientific reader, who requires mathematical proofs, this book consists of 32 articles which everybody who is interested in philosophy can follow, and an appendix of figures and brief proofs of important points in the articles. The principal object of this work is to explain the existence of the ghosts. But such an explanation. is necessarily philosophy and, if the explanation is new, it must be a part of a new philosophy based on a new fundamental principle. The principle of this new philosophy is not a hypothesis, but a proven law found logically and established on accepted facts of modern official science. The proof of galom as the constant product of the opposite forces of the worldstuff and the essence of this stuff is in my own estimation the most valuable part of my work, because it solves the problems of ontology and metaphysics and furnishes a basis for a new theory of nature, which is neither mechanical nor teleological and neither monistic nor dualistic. I claim for galomalism the character of science in the sense of proven knowledge and the only reason why I still call it philosophy is that I have not the time to consider all the definitions of "philosophy" and "science" and then decide which is the right one. But, at least, galomalism is no speculative philosophy based on an assumption and leading to a belief, but a scientific philosophy, based on facts and logic and leading to knowledge, to a complete knowledge of the world in principle. If this claim seems too excessive, then there is the Invitation! I was compelled to introduce a number of new words, a...

Modern Nirvanaism Or the Philosophy of Life And Death
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