More Goops And How Not to Be Them

Cover of book More Goops And How Not to Be Them
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Gelett Burgess, the author of this juvenile “guide”, was in addition an artist, poet, art critic and humorist. He wrote more than one children’s books about the manners of thoughtless and foolhardy i


nfantile people he called "The Goops", and this book is not an exception. With entertaining illustrations – caricatures of misbehaving children – he depicted a lot of different mistakes, concerning tact and good manners. It will be useful and pleasant for everyone, since most of us have surely acted Goop-like at some point in our lives. In a nutshell, Burgess shows us the differences between “Good” and “Goop” in a delightful humorous manner.

More Goops And How Not to Be Them
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