Mr. Wicker's Window

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"Mr. Wicker's Window" is a juvenile semi-historical fantasy initially set in 1950s Washington DC. Christopher is a desolate eighth grader whose father is sailing with the navy, and whose mother is hos


pitalized and not expected to recover. Chris applies for a job at Mr. Wicker's antiques shop and is surprised when the owner asks him to look through the shop's bay window. Chris is amazed – he sees not the streets he is used to, but the Revolutionary War landscape. Mr. Wicker, a great magician, wishes to teach his art to a special boy who is eager to undertake a lengthy and dangerous mission for the benefit of the new nation. Christopher has to travel to China on the good ship ‘Mirabelle’ to find a heavily guarded jewel tree, and evade interference by the nefarious Claggett Chew, an evil sea captain desperately looking for the same prize.

Mr. Wicker's Window
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