Nan Sherwood At Palm Beach

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Annie Roe Carr was a pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer syndicate to publish a series of books for girls about Nan Sherwood. The Nan Sherwood series consisted of seven volumes published between 1916-19


37: Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp; or, The Old Lumberman's Secret (1916), Nan Sherwood at Lakeview Hall; or, The Mystery of the Haunted Boathouse (1916), Nan Sherwood's Winter Holidays; or, Rescuing the Runaways (1916), Nan Sherwood at Rose Ranch; or, The Old Mexican's Treasure (1919), Nan Sherwood at Palm Beach; or, Strange Adventures Among the Orange Groves (1921), Nan Sherwood's Summer Holidays (1937) and Nan Sherwood on the Mexican Border (1937).

Nan Sherwood At Palm Beach
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