Ned, Bob And Jerry On the Firing Line

Cover of book Ned, Bob And Jerry On the Firing Line
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The Motor Boys were the heroes of a popular series of adventure books for boys at the turn of the 20th century issued by the Stratemeyer Syndicate under the pseudonym of Clarence Young. This series wa


s published by Cupples & Leon and was issued with dustjackets and glossy frontispiece. Howard Garis (author of the Uncle Wiggly stories) wrote many, if not all, of these stories such as: The Motor Boys; or, Chums Through Thick and Thin (1906), The Motor Boys Overland; or, A Long Trip for Fun and Fortune (1906), The Motor Boys in Mexico; or, The Secret of the Buried City (1906), The Motor Boys Across the Plains; or, The Hermit of Lost Lake (1907), The Motor Boys Afloat; or, The Cruise of the Dartaway (1908), The Motor Boys on the Atlantic; or, The Mystery of the Lighthouse (1908) and The Motor Boys in Strange Waters; or, Lost in a Floating Forest (1909).

Ned, Bob And Jerry On the Firing Line
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