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Series: Twilight (#2)
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New Moon is the continuation of Stephenie Meyer's surprisingly great introduction novel Twilight. This novel functions admirably enough as a standalone. The book New Moon is continually going to be co


ntrasted with Twilight and individuals who are anticipating that this novel should be basically the same as Twilight may be baffled. Nightfall had a practically fantastic, tall tale quality to the written work, which this story needs. The Cullen group of vampires are additionally truant from a substantial extent of New Moon, and vampire fans might definitely feel their nonattendance.
New Moon is described in first individual by Bella and has a conspicuous parallel with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet evident on the grounds that even Bella perceives that she is in threat of playing out history's most prominent sentimental catastrophe. Keeping Romeo and Juliet in the cutting edge of the readers mind really assists the with composing form the pressure for the story's peak in light of the fact that we can all see the disaster that is holding up to happen.
The torment that Bella feels when Edward deserts her is to a great degree elegantly composed and is truly what this story speaks the truth. The things' majority that happen to Bella in New Moon are as a mind-boggling's consequence misfortune that she is attempting to shoulder. Her kinship with Jacob has a bound quality to it not just in light of the fact that he clearly cherishes her while she is enamored with Edward but since he is a werewolf and he normally abhors all vampires.

For dream fans New Moon isn't about Bella and her enthusiastic torment. The maverick vampires Laurent and Victoria come back to Forks. They are searching for requital against Edward yet they just discover Bella. The Quileute werewolves are an energizing expansion to the story and it will be intriguing to perceive how this plot line is produced in the following novel in this series.
New Moon is exceedingly suggested reading in the event that you like dream sentiment stories.

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Guest 8 months ago

I just love this book series! People say so much crap about how "bad" twilight is, but to be honest Stephenie Meyer is a great writer. I love how she writes her characters with there own flaws, it makes them much more realistic.

Guest 8 months ago

At first the usual. Girl and boy find each other in the first chapter. This chapter Edward leaves. It was violent with her arm, then she starts getting sick and passes out after Edward leaves. She then is sent by nature (the trees and moss) to a werewolf, in the form of Jacob, to get rid of Edward. Werewolves and vampires do not mix. When Edward feels she is leaving for good in his psychic or spiritual connection, he shows back up. Hmmmmm. Let us see what happens in number three.

Guest 10 months ago

More Edward!

Guest a year ago

I am really a hp fan but twilight is not bad...loh yeh moh yeh

Guest a year ago

I do like and appreciate this book. Specially I appreciate the writer of the novel. I love the plot and thoughts in it,how everything is arranged in a perfect sequence. The beautiful and effective use of phrases and bold sentences just brings out the meaning and essence of the story perfectly. The wild thoughts in it and how nicely the are brought to life is just worth praising.
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