Nick of the Woods

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Robert Montgomery Bird (1806-1854) was an American novelist, playwright, photographer, and physician. He began to write fiction during his time in medical school and by 1827 had published in the Phila


delphia Monthly Magazine. After graduating from medical school, Bird attempted to begin a medical practice but became discouraged after one year and left medicine to pursue a literary career. In 1828, Bird’s play Pelopidas won a $1000 prize offered by the actor Edwin Forrest. He also pursued a number of other interests. In 1837, he began a career as a journalist, working as the Associate Editor for The American Monthly Magazine. He became the editor of the North American Magazine and United States Gazette in 1847. He also taught medicine at the Pennsylvania Medical College and ran for Congress in 1842. Amongst his other works are The Gladiator (1831), Metamora (1836), Nick of the Woods; or, Adventures of Prairie Life (1837/1853) and The Adventures of Robin Day (1839).

Nick of the Woods
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