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R HUNTRESS AND THE GIRL WITH THE SPOTTED Two months later Andr6, Vicomte de NeVac, was riding in the woods around Versailles, and, poverty- stricken, debt-loaded noble as he might be, his heart was gay, for was he not a Capitaine-Lieutenant in the Chevau-legers de la Garde, and a Croix de St. Louis; was he not presently about to fight again for honour and France, and was he not once more a free man and in his native land with Paris at his back ? The leafless trees were just beginning to bud, though winter was still here, but the breath of spring was in the air and the gladness of summer shone in the March sun. Yes, the world bid fair to be kind and good, and Andre's heart beat responsive to its call. Love and honour and France were his, and what more could a noble wish? He let the reins drop and breathed with contentment the bracing breeze, while his eyes roamed to and fro. Clearly he was waiting for some one who, his anxious gaze up the road showed, might be expected to comefrom that quarter -- the quarter of the Palace of Versailles. Along the path walked a peasant girl driving a splendid spotted cow. The bell at its fat throat tinkled merrily, the sun gleamed on its glossy spotted hide. The girl dropped a curtsey to the noble gentleman sitting there on his fine horse and himself so handsome a cavalier, and Andr6 nodded a smiling reply. She was not pretty, this peasant wench, with her shock of tumbled flaxen hair tossed over her smutty face, and her bodice and short skirt were soiled and tattered, but Andr£, to whom all young women were interesting, in the sheer gaiety of his heart tossed her a coin and smiled again his captivating smile. " May Monseigtieur le Duc be happy in his love! " the wench said, as she bit the coin before she placed it...

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