Not Pretty, But Precious

Cover of book Not Pretty, But Precious
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Excerpt from the book...Mr. Norval: It is now four weeks since your accident. I have made inquiryof your physician whether news or business communications, howeverimportant, brought to your attention,


would be detrimental to you, causean accession of feverish symptoms or otherwise harm you. He assures me, Onthe contrary, he is sure you have not been for years so free from diseaseof any sort, with the sole exception of the broken bones, as now. Thisbeing so, I venture to approach you upon a subject which I doubt not youare quite as willing to have definitely arranged, and at once, as myself.I can say what I mean, and as I mean it, so much better on paper than inconversation--as I have so little self-possession, and am so readily putout in the matter of argument--that I have determined to write to you,thinking thus to be better able to make you understand and appreciate myreasons and motives, since you can read them when and how you choose.

Not Pretty, But Precious
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