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Not so many readers know the name of an outstanding writer and philosopher Etienne Pivert de Senancour who published one of his most famous works Obermann in 1909. This book is pretty long and philoso


phical. It is composed in the form of a collection of letters written by Obermann to his friend. The character of the hero is very interesting and unusual, he is often melancholic, sad and lonely. The book practically has no plot but the letters are very deep and philosophical, describing the feelings of a lonely person who often feels depressed. When reading this work, you dive into someone else's life and experience and find the lessons there for yourself. From now on it seems that the problems you have are not so meaningful if compared to the main character. And of course, you will often wonder why you have not heard about this wonderful French author and this book that takes a proper place in the classical philosophical literature of all times. Obermann was not recognized during the life of Senancour. After his death readers discovered his works and their value but soon forgot about them again. So we do not have the right to forget his works and his ideas again.

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