Old Lady Number 31

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The Old Lady Number 31 begins in a kitchen with rose wallpaper. An older woman in making tea in a teapot that is no longer hers. Since she and her husband have lost their money the auctioneer was forc


ed to sell off their possessions. The story takes the couple on their journey. An excerpt reads, "Beautiful, joy-steeped, pleasure-filled days these were for the couple, who had been cramped for life's smallest necessities so many meager years. Angy felt that she had been made miraculously young by the birth of this new Abraham--almost as if at last she had been given the son for whom in her youth she had prayed with impassioned appeal. Her old-wife love became rejuvenated into a curious mixture of proud mother-love and young-wife leaning, as she saw Abe win every heart and become the center of the community." The reader will come away from this book knowing that life holds much more than we ever dream.

Old Lady Number 31
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