Our Lady of Lourdes

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From the author’s preface: In consequence of a remarkable favor received, the account of which will be duly found in the course of this work, I promised, some years ago, to write the history of the ex


traordinary events which have given rise to the Pilgrimage of Lourdes. If I have been guilty of a grave fault in deferring for so long a time the execution of my promise, I have, at least, made the most conscientious efforts to study, with scrupulous attention, the subject I wished to treat. The presence of the incessant procession of visitors, pilgrims, men, women, whole populations, who come now from every quarter to kneel before a lonely grotto, entirely unknown ten years ago, and which the word of a child has caused to be regarded all at once as a divine sanctuary…

Our Lady of Lourdes
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