Our Lady Saint Mary

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Reverend Joseph Gale Hurd Barry (1858-1931) was an American minister, born on the 19th of April, 1858, in Middle Haddam, a village in the Town of Chatham, Connecticut. He attended Wesleyan University,


and left college at the end of the junior year thoroughly settled as to the nature of the Church and the validity of the Anglican position. In the fall of 1883 he entered the Berkeley Divinity School to begin his preparation for Holy Orders. He was ordained deacon by Bishop Williams on the second of June, 1886, in Holy Trinity Church, Middletown. Later he was curate of S. James' Church, Chicago then Calvary Church, Batavia, Illinois where he joined The Western Seminary. He left Batavia after thirteen years of residence for the Cathedral of Fond du Lac. He became Rector Emeritus, Church of S. Mary the Virgin, New York in 1908, and remained there for nineteen years and eight months before resigning. His works include: From a Convent Tower (c1919), On Prayers to the Dead (1919), Our Lady Saint Mary (1922) and his autobiography, Impressions and Opinions (1931).

Our Lady Saint Mary
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