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A very interesting book telling us about the various deeds of the British Army throughout the reign of Queen Victoria. Most of us will be aware of nearly all of the campaigns, but that there were so m


any comes as a bit of a shock. Although many of the campaigns and battles were favourably completed, quite a few were not, and this also comes as a bit of a shock. Kingston was the original author, but died many years before the end of Queen Victoria's reign, and the work was taken in hand by Mr. G.A. Henty, also a prolific writer of books for teenagers. There was some evidence in the book of two or more authors being at work, by reason of different spellings for the same person or item. For instance one of the authors spelt "Gatling guns" as "Catling guns". The Ghurkas also appeared in several variants, and a character called "Soojah-ul-Moolk" appeared with a different spelling practically every time! Having cleared all that out of the way, we present you with a most interesting book that we hope you will greatly enjoy reading, or just glancing through. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

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