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Lord, from Thy store of bread give me a crumb May I so use it that it may become Food for my soul, and to the needy light Drink to the thirsty, to the blind ones sight. From Thine own hand, 0 Lord, gi


ve it to me Keep me so near that Thy sweet face I 11 see rea at he. into it a wondrous power of love, For Thine own glory, Lord, here as above. Master, my basket bring I unto Thee Emptied of self, in deep humility, No laurel crown entreat I at Thy hand, Just daily strength to follow Thy command Fill it, dear Lord, with little words and deeds Not yet the waving palms Gods tiny seeds , Hide in each one the germ of life divine Naught shall then void return -The Word is Thine. Steep mountain sides and cliffs I cannot scale Even in sunny fields my footsteps fail. Here in the valley, Lord, I sit and try To bring refreshment to the passers-by. Lord, may the sweeping winds that round me blow, Cause Thy dear cherished seeds to farther go Sown on the breeze, the fruit I cannot see 0 garner, Lord - I sow them all for Thee. LIKE A WHITE ROSE. I hold thee in my hands, thou rose celestial, And search thy depths for trace of mark or stain. I part thy waxy leaves with touch relentless, And een to break thee I do not disdain. The more I bruise thee, sweeter comes thy perfume Thy heart is filled with rays of morning light. The closer sight reveals the greater beauty No secret blemish naught to dwarf or blight. Lord, who didst make the rose in its perfection, Cast on my heart Thy penetrating gaze. Spare not one blot, however small or hidden hIy soul uilto Thy spotless standard raise. Bruise, if Thou wilt, nly lips shall sing Thy praises, For only good call come from Thy dear hand. . My inner life shall store bright rays of gladness To dropslike petals, at Thy loved command. Come cloud or sunshine, may I grow and blossom, Broadening out, though many times cut down. I would not seek to gain the worlds approval, . But watch, Thy face lest I should make Thee frowi. I am so weak, 0 Father, do Thou for me The evening tarries . slow the coming morn. In Thee is strength I will not fear the breezes That but perfect the rose, without a thorn. COME UNTO ME. Come unto Ale. Soft falls the tender pleading Come, weary souls, and I will give you rest. IVhy will ye labor, worn and heavy laden Sure are My wages, and My service blest. Rly yoke is easy, and light is Rly burden My heart is lowly, and My soul is love. I am the LVay unto the many mansions Come, follow me, I lead to God above. come, I would gather, as the hen her chickens, Each struggling frame within hly loving arms. IVho looks to Rle for strength and firm protection, Earth may assail, but nothing ever harms. I am the Bread for souls athirst and hungry, Refuge and help in evry time of need. I am the Light they shall not walk in darkness Who seek My face and Rly commandments heed. Come and inherit all Rly bright possessions, Freedom from sin, and peace forever more. d o suh alt not see by faith the Lord of glory, Butfnce tofnce the Iiillg whom saints adore. Come unto Me let them that hear repeat it Death cannot chain hfy power is divine. Who trusts in RIe shall reach the gates eternal, And enter in, for all who come are Aline. 6. TO A TRUE FRIEND. Ilrhen I sit beside the river, In the land of peace and rest When lifes trials all are over, And my soul is with the blest - Do you think I will forget you, Though I seem so far away Do you think I will not lace you As I love you, dear, to-day IVould I really be myself, dear, If my heart should prove untrue Could I be supremely happy, And not give one thought to you I shall thin...

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