Out of Mist

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Within my room the April air is still No tremor stirs the roses at my side. The shadows gather gently till they fill The walls about me with a dusk world-wide. And now grows faint the throbbing pulse


of Spring. Drenched buds sink down in elemental rest. . . . Lo spectral, through the stillness dark, you fling The rainbow blossoms of the troubled west Each flower among them soon must fade and die, Were they not all dream-wrought-thrown from the sky. THES ho E ur s are legendary they shall pass Like shadows of the April afternoon That weave bright arabesques upon the grass To fade on the dark dial of the moon. . . . Long have I heard with mute, incredible wonder, Your voice above Springs low accompaniment. Now, to the drum-beat of receding thunder, You come-as though with your hearts turmoil spent. Farewell to dreams bright shadows unreturning Across the lovely dial of the sun Over the day of their far-vistaed yearning The twilight falls upon the play begun . . . What winds of Heaven now whisper on our lips . . . Pale in the sky the silent bow-moon dips. WHY bid me say what you must know so well That faltering speech of mine must but confuse What is there that my whispered words can tell So truly as my every futile ruse Did not the smiling mask I wore so long Prove but a banner of the war within Could studied silence smother all the song That deafened me with its tumultuous din How did I seek to screen from out my sight Those blinding rays from your compelling eyes And how I fought to quench the answering light That from the glad fires of my soul would rise Ah must you still look down and bid me speak What is it in my heart-or yours-you seek BEAUT be Y p raised for this white hour when I May tell my love The storm has left no cloud To mar the glory of the twilit sky, And, radiant as the evening star, and proud, I take your hand that soon shall lead me out To undiscovered dawns The road that lay Before us had no turning past all doubt I follow now where you shall lead the way. Ah, let the long years bring us what they will Of paling stars or music that recedes Faith that is born tonight shall ever fill The dusk-though unknown morrows teach new creeds. For we have been as children-gay or sad Together. But, together, somehow glad. WHAT st range sweet gesture of remembering earth Shall make this twilight spell forever ours When, on momentous tides, it has re-birth In fragrant miracle of wind-tossed flowers Perhaps a sudden onslaught of bright rain, Like fury of the unleashed dreams of day, Will beat again upon the window-pane, In tune with flute notes calling us away...

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