Outlines of History From the Earliest Period to the Present Time

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to entertain. In the midst of his projects for the conquest of Asia, he fell by the hand of an assassin. CHAP. V. ALEXANDER AND HIS SUCCESSORS. Alexander. Alexander was in his twentieth year when his father was u. c. slain: he had been educated by Aristotle, and his naturally 337. great talents sedulously cultured. Difficulties environed him on his accession: the Athenians and Thebans, on the intelligence of the death of Philip, were flying to arms, when Alexander appeared in Bceotia at the head of an army. They were terrified, and desisted. The IHyrians and Triballi had made inroads into Macedon: the young prince marched against them, and conquered to the Danube. A report was spread in Greece of his death: Thebes rose in arms; but Alexander suddenly returned, entered Bceotia, and took and levelled that city. All Greece was now at his devotion. He called on the different states for the contingents they had voted his father for the invasion of Asia; and, at the head of 33-1. 30,000 foot and 4500 horse, passed the Hellespont. At the river Granicus the Persian army opposed his progress: it met a total defeat, and all Lesser Asia fell to the conqueror: he restored the Grecian cities to independence, and pursued his march through Cilicia. At Issus, in the pass of the mountains 333 J' ';ng into Syria, he again encountered and defeated the n ersian army. He continued his progress southwards, took 332. Tyre, after an obstinate resistance, and reduced all Egypt to subjection. He here founded the most permanent monument of his fame, the city of Alexandria,?a place that has exercised such influence on the political and moral relations of the world as ever to render it memorable,?marched with a select body of men to the oasis containing the temple of Am- mon, and ...

Outlines of History From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
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