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Tem says:
This was my first book by Mira Grant. When I had read the blurb I was really excited and honestly, the book did not dissapoint.Yes, maybe the technicalities of biology, bioenginering and scie
...nce aren't all correct, and maybe Sal isn't all that relatable, but the story was brilliantly written and thought out and I could not, would not, put the book down! There were a few twists that I saw coming and the ending wasn't all that surprising, but it was só worth it! On to the next ride with book 2!MoreLess
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Guest 3 months ago

This book was exciting and funny and had a few twists. I found it really enjoyable.
The characters are relatable and although the relationship between the main character and her boyfriend is a bit too perfect, it makes for good reading. The "to be continued..." was a huge disappointment

Guest 11 months ago

fuck ya chicken strips

Guest 11 months ago

This is driving me nuts I cant even scroll on my phone without it turning pages on its own.

Guest 11 months ago

How am i supposed to read this when the words are zoomed too close in

Guest 9 months ago

un zoom

Guest a year ago

yum yum
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