Paul Faber, Surgeon

Cover of book Paul Faber, Surgeon
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The novel focuses on the life of Dr. Paul Faber who is a good person in the eyes of the world as he is sweet, nice, sympathetic and caring. He is always ready to help poor people. However, when readin


g the book and diving deeper into it, you will realize that the main character is not so good and nice as he seems to be at first sight. Like all people, he is not perfect and has his own shortcomings. Everything he does is for his satisfaction. Dr. Faber marries a woman who loves him a lot but turns out to be a little shallow and too simple and also does everything to satisfy her self-estimation. The couple starts to compete concerning their excellence and grace. So be ready to find out what happens to them after all difficulties they have gone through.

Paul Faber, Surgeon
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