Peace Theories And the Balkan War

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Sir Ralph Norman Angell (1872 -1967) was an English lecturer, writer, and Member of Parliament for the Labour Party. He was a member of the Council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and


an executive for the World Committee against War and Fascism. Angell was a member of the executive committee of the League of Nations Union, Angell was knighted in 1931 and in 1933 won the Nobel Prize. Peace Theories and the Balkan War was published in 1913. Angell said the benefits of war are not a certainty. The warring parties are not guided by wisdom or folly. “Its (war) futility is proven by the war waged daily by the Turks as conquerors, during the last 400 years. The Balkan peoples have chosen the less evil of two kinds of war, and wll use their victory to bring a system based on force and conquest to an end.” The underlying causes of the Balkan war were economic. The relationship with the Turks based on supreme force is bound to break down. Angell makes many more points in his analysis of the Balkan war.

Peace Theories And the Balkan War
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