Perseverance Island Or the Robinson Crusoe of the Nineteenth Century

Cover of book Perseverance Island Or the Robinson Crusoe of the Nineteenth Century
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ain Davis's condition. Only five men fit for duty. Terrific storm. The schooner thrown on her beam cuds and dismasted. Loss of three more of the crew. Taking to the whale-boat. Foundering of the schooner " Good Luck." Death of Captain Davis. Storm again, running to the southward before the tempest. Strike upon a reef. The author cast on shore. The next fifteen or twenty days passed over us without anything material interfering with our advancement towards the islands. During this time the change in the condition of Captain Davis had become worse; and we could all see that he was failing surely but rapidly; the sailor with the broken arm, on the other hand, was every day gaining strength and health, and bid fair to be soon amongst us again and at work. Bill Thompson and myself had fully recovered from the bruises and blows that we had received, and were in excellent health. The duty at this time was rather exhaustive, as there were only five of us, including myself, fit for duty, and our turn at the wheel came about pretty often, as we, being so short-handed, had each to take our "trick." Our vessel was small, to be sure, and easily handled, but reduced, as we were, to five men, it was no boy's play to manage her. In the first place, it needed a man at the helm night and day; then there was the cooking to be taken charge of; and at night the lookout man on the forecastle; these were three imperative duties which admitted of. no change or neglect, and, divided amongst five persons, and including the watches at night, gave us plenty to do and to think of. On November 5 we went about our usual duties in the morning, washing down the decks, and making everything snug and cleanly, as seamen like to see things. At noon I was able to get a good observati...

Perseverance Island Or the Robinson Crusoe of the Nineteenth Century
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