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Johnson Charles Fl.
Categories: Nonfiction

This is a terrific book written by a talented author Captain Charles Johnson and published in 1726 for the first time. It describes piracy in its Golden Age of the 17th century. Here we meet such fam


ous characters as Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Captain Misson, Mary Read, Anne Bonney, Captain Avery, Captain Tew and Captain Rackham. The author gives a detailed description of the pirates lives and all events that happened to them. Here readers will find information about pirates' codes, way of thinking, battles, money, treasures, deaths, murders. When readers dive into such account of events, they will understand that there were different kinds of people among pirates including thieves, assassins, aristocrats, rebels and activists. This work presents interest for modern readers as the it is an important document where the piracy as a phenomenon thoroughly studied.

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