Plays of the Natural And the Supernatural

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e The operating-room of the Michael Slade Hospital, a glistening chamber of white porcelain and white tile. Nickel operating table in the foreground. Racks of surgical implements and supplies to either side. A strong, even light from the north French windows. Attendants in white bustling about preparatory to an operation. Enter Fenway Bail, an eminent surgeon, and Jason James Vata- Beel, his friend, a celebrated physician. They are followed by Arthur Galley, chief house physician ; Slason Tufts, his assistant; Franklin Dryden, the anesthetist, and two nurses. BAIL I [A cool, sallow-faced, collected man of perhaps fifty- five, wise and incisive.] Well, Jason, here you are, a victim of surgery after all! VATABEEL [Tall, gaunt, all of fifty-eight, very distinguished, a little pale from recent suffering, a bandage about his neck, beginning, to loosen his shirt in front.] The last time I took ether I had a very strange experience or dream, one of the best of the etheric variety, I fancy. I am wondering whether it will repeat itself today. Bail [Examining a case of instruments, and busy with asides to Gailey and others.] I was thinking of using nitrous oxide, unless you would prefer ether. It seems to me a little too much for a minor operation. I doubt whether I shall be four or five minutes in all. Just as you say, however. VATABEEL [TFi£A a dry, medical smile.] Far be it from me to demand ether. I dislike the stuff intensely. [He begins to take-off his coat and waistcoat and adjusts an aseptic apron.] [To Gailey.] I shall want a retractor, clamps and thumb forceps. Are all the different ligatures here? Ah, yes,I see. (To Vatabeel) : Now, 'Doctor, if you will just make yourself comfortable. (He indicates t...

Plays of the Natural And the Supernatural
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