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sus himself might wait! Wan memory shudders to reveal The records which their hearts conceal, Of Pomp's delusive state. Sadly I turned to look on one Whose face was radiant as a sun; "And is there then, no cure? Nothing but wickedness ?" I cried, " Whereby the Good is crucified; And must it thus endure?" "Yes! till, with tongues of living flame, God's ministers this truth proclaim,â?? 'Love is the life of good, The only medicine we can give Is, teaching men the art to live In human brotherhood.' " HEART-RICH. Thy love, how rich in its excess, How fervent, and how manifold; Thy overflowing tenderness, And sympathetic wealth untold! Blest spirits from the higher sphere Bend lovingly, thy pathway o'er; Angels of beauty linger near, Their blessings on thy head to pour. Think what a privilege it is, A life so roseate as thine, A treasury of sweetest bliss, The largess of a love divine. I count thy treasures, so replete With all that could delight, or bless, And, lady! I can but repeat, Thy life should be a blessedness! In all thy lineaments I trace A gentle nature, undented By the rude storths, that oft efface The attributes of Love's own child. Then, in thy very sweetness strong, Securely may thy soul rejoice, And living gladness swell the song To which thy soirit finds a voice. APRIL. 25 APRIL. My thoughts are wandering in the woods today, Over green carpets of the velvet moss, While overhead wierd branches intercross The purple heavens, whose fleecy mist-wreaths play With answering mist-wreaths, shadowed on the ground, Creeping, as wavelets o'er a slumbering sea, Or white drifts sliding from stern winter's By the sun's glory Chrism'd ! I have found The Arbutus, p...

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