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VENING STAR " 19 VII. "SUNSET AND EVENING STAR." § UNSET and evening star; thus sung one whom x;- A nation honored as its laureate, And who gave glory to a people great. Twilight and evening bell; there was no gloom Beyond the tide for him, but spacious room Where God Eternal and his angels wait. And one clear call; master of life and fate The bard whose pathway heavenly lights illume. With thought sublime, with words of wondrous grace, And with o'ermastering faith,sung Tennyson As he drew near the bound of time and space, And heard the calling o'er the sea whereon He passed to meet his Pilot face to face, And be forevermore before the throne. OCCASIONAL POEMS VIII. POEM. Read at the Fourth Decennial Re-union of Limington Academy, Limington, Maine, Wednesday, August 20, 1890. §EAR Alma Mater, at thy call we come, As children gather in beloved home When evening shadows fall along the land; Thy sons and daughters, we, a broken band, And journeying from far with weary feet And dust-soiled, tattered garments, greet Thee once again; and in our hearts we hold Thy name as precious as in days of old. In all the walks of life, thy fostering care Has followed us. Unfailing help to bear Our burdens thou hast given. And thy light Its radiance has poured upon our sight. Blest be the golden ties that bind us here! We lift the veil of years, behold, appear Heart-treasured scenes; and we are young again, Our vision bounded by youth's joyous ken. Life's architects, we build upon the past; And though each deed be nobler than the last, Though life enlarge its avenues of good And break the fetters of its servitude, The past remains unchanged; the fleeting years Have formed an adamantine arch of tears And treasured jo...

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