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King there was, both good and great, That was lord of a fair country; And a certain man within his realm Did scorn to the King's majesty. For he paid no tribute to the King, And he laughed away the law of the land, And day by day did rob and slay By craft of heart or might of hand. The King said: " He hath broke my law And in my realm done evilly; Yet, lest some need have driven him, He shall have gold and lands in fee." He took the King's good lands and gold, And squandered all in foolish wise; For he pledged the lands and spent the gold, On courtesans and courtesies. The King said: " He hath lost my gifts, And spent my goods in harlotry; Yet folly may be force unyoked? He shall have men to fight for me." He took the soldiers of the King, And led them forth to burn and kill, And ever his Lord's own banner bore To show he wrought by the King's will. The King said: " He hath shamed my crown, And stained my name with villainy; Yet . . . treason is but want of faith? He shall have eyes that he may see." The man rode forth one summer morn Across a black and barren land, And a girl-child stood in his way Holding a white rose in her hand. The child laughed up in the man's eyes, And held her rose for him to take. He smiled a stale smile, and passed by? She wept as if her heart would break. Then the King grieved, saying: " Alas, That my realm harbour such as he! There is no more that I may give, For now he hath dishonoured Me." ECHOES In the old room, when May is ending, And day descending in the West, Into a golden stillness blending My memories of worst and best, Yesterday clings about to-morrow, Flinging a charm on time and place, Till calm lights and pale shadows bo... --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

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