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did you see in Panama, Voyager with the eye of dream?" "/ saw the squat dredge breathing in the dawn, And the great white breaths of steam? "/ saw the dim amazement of the hills, And the red suns burning; And the long, long trains of laborers at dusk returning, "I saw fair ships beyond Balboa's gates That waited for the morrow, And I saw a man go by me with a face of sorrow." "What did you see in Panama, Broken hills and a breath of steam?" " That, and the long, long trains of laborers, And a man's face touched with dream!" PANAMA CITY Blue balconies, dust and old silence, The patter of naked brown feet; And the sea caught in sudden cool glimpses At the ends of the shimmering street. A maze of thin highways that wander, And turn with a thousand desires, Till they come to the Square in the twilight, And the little lit fires? Till they come to the Square and the laughter, And the little gold lamps in the trees? And the drift of the strange burning faces Cast in from the seas; And the throb of the lovely slow waltzes, And the narrow gay sidewalks aswirl, (For the heart of a city is music, Like the heart of a girl)? And there, at the edge of the twilight, They turn from their gipsy unrest, And sleep in the wind of the waltzes, , With the feet on their breast. Blue balconies, dust and old silence, And naked strange faces that stream? And somewhere a ghost in the shadow, And the sense of a long-vanished dream. THE HOSPITAL On the green hill, above the breathless town, They built a House of Hope and Death, and there, Tracing the white road through the flame-fringed dusk, They dragged their broken bodies for repair. All down the Work the word went whispering: " Upon the high...

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