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as dropped down through the west,- And twilight deepens on:? A wink and a pale wink here and there, So the stars come, one by one. A thoughtful life is a pleasant life? Yea?dreams in a wild-brier lane; The air soft-kindling with the moon, Midway of her stately reign. Where the broad light lies wavelessly, Where the toiling sun has lain, A tree and its shadow, wondrous still, Ruling the grassy plain! The river to the distant sea, Murmuring, murmuring goes; Type of a life that broods and sings On unto its quiet close. Keen firefly in the barberry shade, Warming it with such busy light, Bear with me?rest is deeper life, The centering of faith and might. Thanks?that along the shifting sands, As moves our sleepless tent, Moments of higher calm are given, And of more true content! Content; the world falls off, and leaves A measure nobler grained, By which I try the seeming lost, As well as seeming gained. Beauty that fill'st, why makest sad? Thou hast no want, no haste; Is it that thou o'erflow'st my soul, And I lament the waste? Dear heart, whose pulses with my own Keep their mysterious move, That fillest every transient pause With music of thy love; Art not thou patient, too, to-night, Divining what true strength, What life is ours, what joy to come, And far-off calm at length ? FIVE SONNETS RELATING TO BEAUTY I Dreamed an angel, Angel twice, through death, Wrought us another "Night." A stately dream, Where reconciling Infinites did seem To fold round life's perplexities, and wreathe Its ancient gloom with stars: ?a marble breath From Art's serene, fresh, everlasting morn, Where the dull worm of earthly pain is born To winged life thenceforth, and bus...

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