Poems Moral Humorous And Descriptive

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my ardent prayer,. And of my dear take special care, O keep her safe and well. And let no counsel change her mind, Nor foolish fop her reason blind, But may she constant prove; To one whose sense of right and wrong Is keen and anxious, warm and strong, And honest still in love. A SONG CONNECTED WITH, AND RELATING TO THE FOREGOING. Tune?The Lass o' Patie's Mill. The jewel that's won my heart And captivated me, Is graceful without art, And from all failings free. Her ev'ry look is grace, O how she's wounded me Wi' her enticing face, And blythe bewitching e'e. Her lips are like the rose, Her hands white as the snow, How charmingly she goes, And nicely turns each toe. Her company is sweet, And pleasant unto me ; She's gracefulness complete, Love centres all in she. Life from her eyes doth flow, Her looks spread health around ; She makes my breast to glow, In her all cares are drown'd. A TRIP TO PARNASSUS. Parnassus whiles I have been climbing, For to view what on it grows ; But now of flow'rs it is so thinning, So many on it daily goes, That scarce a rose I could discover, But's been pluck'd or trampled on ; Which put me in an unco swither, Scarce knew where to make my moan : But when about was to return, A goddess chanc'd me to espy, Who kindly whisper'd do not mourn, You'll be rewarded by and by ; For long you have been kept uneasy, Often treated with neglect, Now on Parnassus pull a daisy, I allow out of respect. For many here attempt to travel, Who I never wish'd to see; That now all sides appear like gravel, Scarce honey on them for a bee. For every one would be a poet, Tho' void of genius and of sense; That every day we are annoyed Wi' some fools wh...

Poems Moral Humorous And Descriptive
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