Posthumous Rhymes

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KS OF CREE. Young Edwin's gone to Ellen's bower, His lip has felt the parting kiss; Soft sorrow on his brow did lower, And tear-drops mingled with the bliss: ' Farewell! I go, perchance, to see No more my Ellen, nor the Cree.' Young Edwin felt the sacred glow Of honour all his soul inflame, And burned to meet the ruthless foe And earn a wreath of martial fame; To fight for home and liberty, His Ellen and the banks of Cree. For these lie left his Ellen's arms And crossed the foaming billows o'er, And rushed amid war's rude alarms, The sabre's flash and cannon's roar; ? For honour, love, and liberty, His Ellen and the banks of Cree. And still, when loudest pealed the gun, And fiercest rose the battle's yell, Where densest rolled the war-cloud dun, And the most heroes fought and fell, He stood and shouted ' Liberty ! ? ' For Ellen, and the banks of Cree !' Alas, upon thy fatal shore, Corunna, Edwin died at last; He fell beside the gallant Moore; And as to heaven a look he cast, He faintly breathed a prayer for thee, His Ellen, and the banks of Cree. chapter{Section 4WILLIE AND MARY. Farewell, my love; but think not thou, When far from thee I stray the while, My heart shall e'er forget its vow, Or harbour treacherous thought of guile. Come, banish sorrow from thy brow, And smile as thou wcrt wont to smile, When life was young, and blithsomely 'We strayed along the banks of Cree. Ha! dost thou weep to think that we May never wander there again? That ere the buds are on the tree, Or gowans stud with white the plain, Far from my native land and thcc, Beyond the darkly heaving main, A weary exile I shall be, ? Perchance no more to see the Crce ? Oh, chase away those idle fears, ...

Posthumous Rhymes
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