Practical Hints for the Teachers of Public Schools

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tion, that is to make or unmake our city, our State, and our country, is already filling the air with its prattle, its laughter, its cries. Some of them even now, through neglect, are stumbling and falling in the ways of ignorance and crime; some straying, uncared for, into the haunts of vice and misery ; the larger and better portion, let us hope, with fresh hearts and bright faces, timidly, gleefully, hopefully advancing, singly and in groups, to the school-house. Society is waiting, calling?earnestly, anxiously?for men and women of broader culture and nobler nature? men and women of quick intelligence, of enlightened understanding, of large heart and generous impulse, to take these little ones by the hand and lead them into the pleasant ways of wisdom, virtue, usefulness, and happiness. It remains to be seen how many of us will step forward in sympathy with this call of the age, with a ready, a hearty "Ay, ay, sirs !" THE PLACE OF MEMORY IN SCHOOL INSTRUCTION. While the rebel angels were waiting, in the outer abyss, the return of their great leader from his "still hunt" for the whereabout of this new world, Milton represents them as " reasoning high of Providence, foreknowledge, will, and fate, fixed fate, free-will, foreknowl edge absolute"?a discussion not yet ended, nor has i been restricted to this rebel crew. None so attractive. No supposed possession or attribute has seemed sodesirable, or raised man so near the divine, in the estimation of his fellows, as this foreknowledge, this power to discern the future. It has invested the seer, the prophet, and the soothsayer with a reverence which still casts its mysterious shadow over the otherwise transparent frauds of the modern fortune-teller, and even the prognostics of a Venuer. Face to ...

Practical Hints for the Teachers of Public Schools
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