Primavera Poems

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Primavera is a slender volume of verse first published in 1890 and contains contributions from the following authors: Stephen Phillips, who was an English poet and dramatist, and enjoyed considerable


popularity in his lifetime. He was born at Somertown near Oxford and educated at Stratford and Peterborough Grammar Schools and at Queen's College, Cambridge. Robert Laurence Binyon, who was an English poet, dramatist and art scholar. He was educated at St Paul's School and at Trinity College, Oxford where he won the Newdigate Prize for poetry. Manmohan Ghose, who was an Indian poet, and one of the first to write poetry in English. Arthur Shearly Cripps, who was an English Anglican priest, short story writer, and poet who spent most of his life in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

Primavera Poems
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