Prince Vance

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Arlo Bates (1850-1918) was an American author, educator and newspaperman. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1876. In 1880 Bates became the editor of the Boston Sunday Courier (1880-1893) and afterw


ard became professor of English at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His works include: The Pagans (1884), The Wheel of Fire (1885), The Philistines (1888) and The Puritans (1899). His wife, Harriet L. Bates nee Vose (1856- 1886) was also an author, writing under the pseudonym Eleanor Putnam. Her works include Old Salem (1886) and A Woodland Wooing (1889) and together they wrote Prince Vance: The Story of a Prince With a Court in His Box (1888).

Prince Vance
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